Shloc Ltd is a video game localisation company founded in 2008, when a group of freelance Japanese to English translators with several years of experience at Square Enix and Nintendo decided to join forces in order to begin translating games to the highest possible standard on their own terms.

Having originally worked exclusively from Japanese to English, the company eventually expanded to offer English to Japanese translation services and, more recently, Japanese and English to French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch, but it still remains a close-knit organisation of experienced freelancers, with the same commitment to quality. 

Shloc maintains good relationships with Square Enix, Sony, Nintendo, Level-5 and other major Japanese developers, and has worked on a string of high-profile titles, many of which have garnered praise for the style, richness and depth of their localisation.

The pool of freelancers on which Shloc draws has collectively been involved in a vast number of high-profile projects, and boasts a wealth and depth of experience which very few companies are able to call upon.

The ability to localise into the five major western languages makes Shloc an ideal port of call for anyone requiring a sensitive, well thought out, quality-focused localisation of the kind not always possible through larger, agency-based setups. ..

Shloc Ltd. について

Shloc Ltd. は2008年に創立された、ゲームローカライズを専門とした会社です。株式会社スクウェア・エニックスや任天堂株式会社とのローカライズプロジェクトで日英翻訳の経験を豊富に積んできた翻訳者たちが集まり、ゲーム翻訳における最高水準の確立と、さらなる品質向上を目指して結成されました。