2017 – A Year and Three Quarters, Verging on Two

Friends, it's been too long. Somehow, eight months appear to have elapsed since our last post, and it's time we explained why. Though you'd be forgiven for thinking we'd given up work and gone to live on that island we bought, nothing could be further from the truth. There is no island, sad to say, and (less sadly) we haven't given up work. In fact, it's work that's prevented us from fulfilling our duties to you. Despite appearances, 2017 was actually our busiest year to date. We've been juggling no fewer than ??? huge titles, including ??????????????????????????????? and ???????????

Hold on. Why does this post suddenly resemble a declassified MI6 dossier? Oh. That's right. None of them are out yet. But what we can say is that the first is slated to come out in ??????

Wait—not even the release date? Okay... Um... We can say that two of them are ?????????????????????

Oh, come on! ...Fine. We can say that we'll—no, that we hope to have more to tell you later...this...year...? Yeah. We can probably say that much. Probably... All right, have a great start to 2018, and we'll be back just as soon as we can!