DRAGON QUEST HEROES® II is Ready to Rumble!

DRAGON QUEST HEROES® II received its long-awaited western release this week, allowing players around the world to return to the colourful realm of DQ for another breathless bout of hacking, slashing, battering and smashing. Building on the success of its predecessor (our own beloved DRAGON QUEST HEROES®: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below), the events of DQH2 take place in a fully explorable open world, lending proceedings an even more authentically Dragon Questian air. Better still, the game features the return of a couple of our all-time favourite DQ stars, though we wouldn't dare spoil the surprise by telling you which ones. What's that? Torneko and Maribel appear on the box? Ah. Rumbled.

We actually started work on this project way back in the early part of 2016, and we've been looking forward to the day when we could come clean about our involvement. That day being today, we are honoured to reveal that we've been busy localising the English, French, Italian, German and Spanish versions, all of which we encourage you to seek out and play immediately. Happy questing!