We're really pleased that reviewers have been praising DRAGON QUEST® VII's localisation. Here's a selection of some of the nice things they've been saying.

"In inviting you to observe each island’s quirks and rituals, Dragon Quest 7 sends a positive message about embracing other cultures, conveyed by an excellent localisation that works hard to distinguish each settlement from the next."

"Rather more timeless...is Dragon Quest VII's excellent writing. That's been a series staple for a long time, and this 3DS update knocks it out of the park, with a literary-lite tone that fits the epic worldbuilding quest perfectly."

"...regional dialects, puns in monster and skill names, and a...flowing script...have nailed exactly what makes Dragon Quest games a joy to play...
An amazing localisation..."

"What really stands out in this version is the localisation - it's downright delectable...
I found myself wanting to speak with every NPC, never skipping a speech bubble."

It goes without saying, but having our work recognised like this is incredibly satisfying. Long ago, we made it our goal to share the joys of DRAGON QUEST® with the world, and we hope that our latest localisation will play a part in earning this venerable series a brand-new audience.