....DRAGON QUEST® VII is Here!..ニンテンドー3DS版『DRAGON QUEST® VII エデンの戦士たち』遂に海外へ!....


The wait is over! DRAGON QUEST® VII is here at last! A full 16 years after the game’s original release (Goddess, we’re old), the Nintendo 3DS version arrives sporting beautifully updated graphics, added gameplay features—and a completely new translation, of course!

Localising this classic was a real labour of love for us, and we’re absolutely delighted that people can finally get their hands on the game. Kiefer, Maribel, Ruff and the gang have become like family to us, so it’s a little emotional seeing them go out into the world.

Working on such a legendary title was both a pleasure and a privilege, and whether you’re a die-hard fan of the series or completely new to the world of DQ, we really hope you enjoy the fruits of our labours. Oh, and feel free to let us know what you think!

Right, time to save the world!


Shlocがローカライズを手がけた『DRAGON QUEST® VII エデンの戦士たち』が、ようやく本日海外でも発売を開始!3DSでグラフィックも美しくなり、ゲームプレイも追加され、翻訳も完全に新しく生まれ変わりました!