....DRAGON QUEST® VII Draws Near!..『DRAGON QUEST® VII エデンの戦士たち』 海外版が今秋発売!....


We're extremely proud to announce that we have been working on the localisation of the JRPG classic DRAGON QUEST® VII for its epic reboot on Nintendo 3DS, scheduled for release in the autumn.

Fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting this one for a long time, so we were hugely grateful for the opportunity to work on an entirely new Japanese to English localisation, with our FIGS team handling the French, Italian, German and Spanish versions.

Being a legendarily massive game, it was all hands on deck from the start, but we loved working on it and hope players will enjoy it in all its time-travelling, continent-straddling, slime-squishing glory.

We'll have plenty more to say about this one once it's finally released—for now, be sure to clear the diary for a couple of months and get ready for this whopper to land!


国内ではお馴染みの『DRAGON QUEST® VII エデンの戦士たち』 ニンテンドー 3DSリメイク版が、ついにこの秋海外でも発売を迎えることとなりました。