There are many moments in a localisation career that can make you feel like crying, not all of them magical, but sometimes you get to shed tears of joy at something you poured untold amounts of love into finally going out into the world. Our latest project is one of them.

On occasions like these, there are so many things to say and people to thank that we could happily ramble on for hours—but perhaps it’s better that we let you spend the time experiencing the results for yourselves. It's guaranteed to be more fun than listening to grown men blubbing uncontrollably.

Hopefully, you know the game we mean. Give it a play. We’re sure you won’t regret it.


It’s time! At last it’s time! We said there were exciting things we wanted to talk about but couldn’t, and now we’re finally able to talk about one of them. We refer, of course, to Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom!

To say that Ni No Kuni is a beloved baby of ours would be to vastly understate the case. The first game was a joy to work on, and we poured our every waking minute into it willingly and gleefully. How could we not, with Drippy tugging at our sleeves and Oliver looking up at us with those plaintive eyes of his?

So when Level 5 got in touch way back in 2015 (yup, we know how to keep a secret) to ask if we’d like to work on the next instalment, we as close to bit their hands off as it’s polite to do. And the more we learned, the more excited we became. Not content with a straightforward sequel, the team had resolved to put an all-new cast of characters into a fresh take on the first game’s world, with a completely overhauled battle system, a dash of kingdom-building, and our new favourites the higgledies thrown in to boot.

It’s been an incredible privilege diving into this world and bringing the English version to life again, and we’ve loved every minute of it. We’d like to think it shows, but there’s only one way to find out—by grabbing a copy for yourself. If nothing else, you’ll at least get to find out who or what on earth Crumbobblious the Cryptic is.

Thanks, Evan and Roland! It’s been an honour and a privilege!


Though it's hardly ever a good idea to read your own press, here are a couple of very kind comments from two of our favourite reviews:

"Everyone you meet overflows with character, and even when the storyline and characterisation flirts with silliness and exaggeration, it remains compelling. Evan may seem hopelessly wide-eyed and naive, but Ni no Kuni II’s overarching theme of innocence triumphing over creeping evil is heartwarming."
–The Guardian

"...the actual writing is often glorious, with all the first game's demented fondness for puns, British dialects and cheeky fourth-wall breaking..."

And one last one from our new favourite website:

"One important thing to note is the localisation which is absolutely magical. An already happy tale is made laugh out loud funny at many moments along the way. Dialogue is consistently engaging and a lot of the characters lean a long way into the weird and wonderful world around them. The wide variety of accents and speech patterns is likely to delight those who enjoy some spice along with the olde English style showcased by Evan. For a lengthy RPG focused a lot on story it made the experience very engaging..."
–Press Start Australia

2017 – A Year and Three Quarters, Verging on Two

Friends, it's been too long. Somehow, eight months appear to have elapsed since our last post, and it's time we explained why. Though you'd be forgiven for thinking we'd given up work and gone to live on that island we bought, nothing could be further from the truth. There is no island, sad to say, and (less sadly) we haven't given up work. In fact, it's work that's prevented us from fulfilling our duties to you. Despite appearances, 2017 was actually our busiest year to date. We've been juggling no fewer than ??? huge titles, including ??????????????????????????????? and ???????????

Hold on. Why does this post suddenly resemble a declassified MI6 dossier? Oh. That's right. None of them are out yet. But what we can say is that the first is slated to come out in ??????

Wait—not even the release date? Okay... Um... We can say that two of them are ?????????????????????

Oh, come on! ...Fine. We can say that we'll—no, that we hope to have more to tell you later...this...year...? Yeah. We can probably say that much. Probably... All right, have a great start to 2018, and we'll be back just as soon as we can!